Going The DistanceTitle: Going The Distance.
Release date: 2004.
Avril Lavigne's role: Herself.
Summary: Nick is a sucessful young man whose comfortable West Coast life couldn't be better. However, when his girlfriend falls under the influence of a music producer, Nick impulsively decides to travel to Toronto to intervene, but his friends turn the quest into a cross-country road trip.

Over The Edge Title: Over The Edge.
Release date: 2006.
Avril Lavigne's role: Heather the opossum (voice).
Summary: A scheming racoon fools a mismatched family of forest creatures into helping him repay a debt of food, by invading the new suburban sprawl that popped while they were hybernating and learns a lesson about family himself.

Fast Food Nation Title: Fast Food Nation.
Release date: 2006.
Avril Lavigne's role: Alice.
Summary: An ensemble piece examining the health risks involved inthe fast food industry and its environmental and social consequences as well.

The Flock Title: The Flock
Release date: 2007
Genre: Crime, drama.
Avril Lavigne's role: Beatrice Bell.
Summary: A hyper-vigilant employee of the department of public safety, who is training a young female replacement, has to track down a missing girl who he is convinced is connected to a paroled sex offender he is investigating.

Charming Title: Charming
Release date: 2020
Genre: Animation.
Avril Lavigne's role: Snow White (voice).
Summary: Three fairy tale princesses (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White) find themselves engaged to the same guy, Prince Charming.