It's official! Avril Lavigne is dating Mod Sun. One again, love has blossomed in the studio. The rapper, whose real name is Derek Ryan Smith, got in touch with Avril a few months ago via text message. He wanted to know her opinion on Flames. Surprisingly enough, she liked the lyrics so much that she agreed to record the vocals for the track. Since then, they have been spending most of time together. In fact, he has been helping Avril with the creation of her upcoming album and he has been moved in with her! 

The two songwriters were seen together arriving at Boa Steakhouse on the 4th of February, but it wasn't until yesterday night that the couple made their romance official. 

Avril and Derek returned to Boa to celebrate the release of the rapper's new album. They were seen holding hands and the author of "Internet Killed The Rockstar" bought a bouquet of white roses for Avril before they left the restaurant.